Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Book Club?

Hey ya'll - been listening to some southern people today and couldn't help it!

So a little off topic today - another hobby or favourite past time of mine is reading. Any one else? Ever since I was little it was how I enjoyed spending time before bed or curled up on a chilly day. My mom read to us every night and eventually we started reading to her. I wish I had pictures of this!

Anyways so I recently joined an online book club - I've been following Anne Bogel's Modern Mrs Darcy's blog for while now and decided to jump in and join her online community. She recently announced the books they would be reading over the next few months and I was intrigued. I love to read but I get into ruts and have a hard time finding something good, different and clean.

For the month of September we read Crossing to Safety. Such a different read for me and I'm proud to say I read it, though I didn't completely enjoy it. I appreciated the writing and the characters (though at times they drove me crazy) as well the setting (different than my normal reads).

But after our group discussion yesterday, I'm seeing a whole new side to the book, characters and author. I so completely love talking with others about books and love the community here. There was a great mix of those that liked the book to those that didn't. It was awesome to think about the book and process it from so many different prospectives. Anyone else read it?

I also just started reading "Reading People" by Anne Bogel. So far - LOVIN" IT!". I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand me better LOL. The chapter on Introverts/Extroverts and Highly Sensitive People - so good!

Here is the description from Amazon.
If the viral Buzzfeed-style personality quizzes are any indication, we are collectively obsessed with the idea of defining and knowing ourselves and our unique place in the world. But what we're finding is this: knowing which Harry Potter character you are is easy, but actually knowing yourself isn't as simple as just checking a few boxes on an online quiz.

For readers who long to dig deeper into what makes them uniquely them (and why that matters), popular blogger Anne Bogel has done the hard part--collecting, exploring, and explaining the most popular personality frameworks, such as Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, and others. She explains to readers the life-changing insights that can be gained from each and shares specific, practical real-life applications across all facets of life, including love and marriage, productivity, parenting, the workplace, and spiritual life. In her friendly, relatable style, Bogel shares engaging personal stories that show firsthand how understanding personality can revolutionize the way we live, love, work, and pray.

I am currently reading this via my library app - Hoopla - love it. Completely free app and access to so many great ebooks and audio books (for FREE!). Ask your library if you have it - its awesome!

I'm also listening to a book via my Overdrive account (another free app via the library) - Death Comes to Pemberley - so good! And I just realized the movie is on Netflix - perfect!

Ok enough about what I'm reading - love to hear from you!


  1. are you kidding ? I am such a book junkie! I recently read Call me Frank, where one of the pivotal characters is autistic, and is so well created.

  2. I have to admit - I've been in a reading rut for some time now. Reading People sounds really intriguing though!

    Saying that, I have had the pleasure of reading some Captain Underpants books with some students. LOL I know, not very deep! But when I stop and think about it, I'm getting out of it everything that I typically like about reading - enjoyable, captivating (even if not too substantial), witty characters and situations and I have the added privilege of bringing those stories to life and, hopefully, instilling a love of books in others!

    1. Love it! Reading is the best when its pure joy! Totally counts :)