Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! I love that the sun is out, the sandals are on, the flowers are growing, the leaves are coming out and the long weekend is just a few days away!

And I have a few fun things to share with you - first - something FREE!!!!

As we celebrate the scrapbooking month I wanted to let you in on something that might provide some inspiration and get your creative juices flowing....

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We had a lovely Friday night class this past week. 

A small group of us worked on scrapbooking - I provided a handout with several tips that I have learned over the years and the steps I use as I start to put together a project. 

One of the questions I was asked was 
"How do you know what to scrapbook and what to do as pocket pages?"

So I thought I would show you two of my albums in order to answer this question - both of these albums are works in progress. First let me say that scrapbooking is my creative therapy - this is meant to be fun for me, not necessarily fast - so depending on the day, I might scrapbook a few pages using the traditional method or I might put together a digital page and have it printed out, or do something hybrid, combining traditional with digital or I might want to keep it simple and put the pictures in pocket pages and call it done. I also store my completed projects in chronological order, even though I don't scrapbook/document them order. 

In the video I explain that I typically use traditional layouts to tell the bigger story and use pocket pages to include a lot of photos. I also enjoy using pocket pages for everyday or smaller stories that don't need a full 12x12 page. I also enjoy using the full page layouts to breakup a larger section - for example with the Disney layouts, I used a 12x12 layout at the start and then broke each day up with a 8x8 layout. This helped explain our trip easily without me having to explain to whoever is flipping through.  I also enjoy using a variety of sizes of traditional layouts - 12x12, 8x8, 8.5x11, etc. 

Here is a closer look via video:

Does that answer that question?
I would love to know other questions you have about scrapbooking 
- either traditional, hybrid, digital, pocket pages or mini!

I also had some ladies join us on Friday night, to put together their Designer Tin of Cards kit - which is still on sale if you want to grab one! This would make a fabulous Teachers Gift, Bridal Shower gift, birthday gift, etc. Complete it and give them 16 beautiful cards with a stylish storage tin.

I have the stamp set and inks, you just need to provide the adhesive!

$25 + tax and shipping. 

And I wanted to share a card that highlights this months challenge. Have you posted anything on the Create and Share Facebook Group page yet? Make sure to do so before the end of the month so you can get in on the prize giveaway. For more details check it out here.

I put this card together for Fred's parents 50th Anniversary:

The gold ribbon is no longer available but there are others that would work well too!

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  1. the anniversary card is stunning, and I'm sure that it will be cherished.

    We had such a good time putting together the tin of cards , great value, and Mum had a blast. At 89 she's still up for a new experience.

    1. Thanks Chris! Loved having you both here!

  2. Fantastic video! I loved all that you had to share at the class the other night and you really reassured me about considering why I want to create (is it a project that needs to get done, or is it creative therapy). Thank you for making it fun again!

    1. Thanks April! Look forward to scrapbooking together again!